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Potential Transaction Rules Proposed During Hearing to Dull Shocks of Border Adjustability

The potential impact on importers of the border adjustable corporate tax plan should be mitigated by having a long, staged implementation period, former Walmart CEO William Simon said during a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on its border adjustability … Subscribe to Read >>

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International Trade Today is providing readers with some of the top stories for May 15-19 in case they were missed. Subscribe to Read >>

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Confusion Over Coming FSVP Requirements Persists as FDA Looks Set to Take Soft Enforcement Approach

Weeks out from the first compliance date for new requirements under the Foreign Supplier Verification Program on May 30, confusion persists among the trade community as to what must be done to comply and who is required to do it. Despite pleas from the NCBFAA for a “soft landing” (see 1705020041), the Food and Drug Administration has so far not explicitly indicated a policy of enforcement discretion, though agency officials have agreed to be “mindful” of the rule’s impact on industry (see 1704040024). Given the rule’s complexity and past experience, FDA will likely take a lenient approach, using the initial compliance period for education, though particularly egregious cases could see early enforcement. … Read More >>

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