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CBP Pursues Short-Term Fixes for House Bill Release With ACE Capability on Back Burner

The addition of house bill release capability to the Automated Commercial Environment would be a “fairly significant piece of programming” and CBP is considering temporary alternatives in the meantime, said CBP Assistant Commissioner Brenda Smith on July 29. CBP is … Subscribe to Read >>

COAC Voices Concerns with Pre-Departure ACE Export Manifest Filing Test for Air Cargo

The Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations made a number of recommendations to CBP meant to resolve industry concerns with the recently announced air cargo pilot for pre-departure Automated Commercial Environment export manifest filing (see 1507090011). The manifest work group … Subscribe to Read >>

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Lawmakers Ready to Launch Customs Conference with Outcomes Largely Uncertain

The House is set to vote in the coming days to put in motion a conference on Customs Reauthorization legislation in order to resolve differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill, said lobbyists in recent interviews. The verdict is still out on a range of policies that will directly impact compliance professionals and the broader trade community. Legislative conference is a notoriously secretive process, but lawmakers are expected to hammer out compromises on some major issues, including CBP evasion prevention and enforcement and Miscellaneous Tariff Bill process reforms. … Read More >>

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