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No Transaction Value if Exporter Can Remove Out-of-Season Product From Importer's Inventory, Says CBP

An importer of branded merchandise cannot use transaction value as a method of appraisement because a distribution agreement allows the related foreign seller to direct … Subscribe to Read >>

Trade Critics Shoot Down TPA, TPP in Capitol Hill Offensive

Supporters of the White House trade agenda faced a day of loud resistance in the House of Representatives on March 4, as Democrat lawmakers tore … Subscribe to Read >>

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Trek Leather Owner Appeals Case on Corporate Officer Liability to Supreme Court

A Trek Leather executive who was recently found liable for the customs violations of his company appealed the case to the Supreme Court in a petition for a writ of certiorari filed Feb. 13. Harish Shadadpuri, the company's owner, argued he cannot automatically be held liable for over $500,000 in penalties and unpaid duties for his company’s negligent failure to declare assists on imports of men’s suits. Rather, the government has to prove he personally aided and abetted those violations, or “pierce the corporate veil” and make the case that Trek Leather’s corporate officers should be liable, of which the government did neither in the case, said Shadadpuri. … Read More >>

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