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FSIS Issues Final Rule to Regulate Catfish Imports, Require Foreign Equivalency

The Food Safety and Inspection Service on Nov. 25 released a final rule establishing its inspection program and import requirements for catfish and related species (here), implementing a shift in jurisdiction from the Food and Drug Administration as mandated … Subscribe to Read >>

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TPP Tariff Cuts May Spur Congressional Debate Over Revenue Replacement, Say Stakeholders

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is poised to require vast payment mechanisms to account for billions of dollars in slashed U.S. import duties, and Congress, alongside the administration, will soon have to explore their options for finding replacing those funds, said a number of lobbyists close to the debate over recent days. Those lobbyists offered conflicting views on whether funding poses a real challenge to passage of implementation legislation, with some saying customs user fees, which have been used to offset some trade deals in the past, may be difficult to increase further. … Read More >>

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